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I wan to open a contest but i dont have points... what should i do? 

6 deviants said Open contest anyways and the winner gets a crapy draw from me?
3 deviants said Open contest + the crapy draw and you volunteer to draw for the winner? really? ( comment )
2 deviants said Open contest and OMG u will be donating to the contest?
No deviants said Open the contests just for the sake of doing something else besides drawing Sci-fi.
No deviants said Meh... dont open the contest and thats it!



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Apr 13, 2014
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Apr 13, 2014
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Apr 13, 2014
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Devious Journal Entry

Sat Apr 12, 2014, 2:37 PM

Hey guys!


My Tagger was :iconnikewings:


1.  Comment on your favorite question of the person who tagged you.

2. Pick 3 to 5 characters (OCs, fanchars, or canon)

3. Use them to answer the questions.

4. Tag 5 friends

Optional rules:
1. Have fun. Xp
2. Comment and tell what you like about the previous poster's OCs
3. Ask a question in the comments for all the OC's to answer that you would care about :3

Character Questionnaire

Introduce yourselves.

What’s your name?
OC 1: Kirian
OC 2: Azrail

What gender are you?
Kirian: I'm beyond that i can create life without wife ^^ 
Azrail: I'm the grim reaper is there a point for this question? Yet i'm male.

How old are you?
Kirian: 37
Azrail: i cant really remember how long ive been alive.

What species are you?
Kirian: Hiteri
Azrail: Angel

Hair color and style?
Kirian: It changes with the mood but usually is grey
Azrail: I'm blondie b*tches

Eye color? Sight status?

Kirian: Changes with mood, i can see as far as the solar sistem future goes.
Azrail: Marine Blue, i can see very well or is it just my lazy lifestyle.

What series you from?
Kirian: Kirian Tales
Azrail: The Fallen Elohim

In what year were you born?
Kirian: maybe 324532 BC
Azrail: I dont know!!!

What is the name of the country/world you were born in?
Kirian: Hiterivm
Azrail: Heaven

Do you have any siblings?
Kirian: My sister Ismail 
Azrail: We are all brothers and Sisters >_> ? 


Favorite Color?
Kirian: Darker than black
Azrail: Lighter than white? 

Favorite hobbie?
Kirian: i meditate a lot...
Azrail: Slaying humans and demons

What do you find physically attractive?
Kirian: My sister...
Azrail: Keirza its my woman.

Still with them?
Azrail: She's dead
Kirian: Also dead

Who was your first kiss with?
Kirian: Ismail
Azrail: Keirza

Your biggest fear?
Kirian: Humans
Azrail: Beings should fear me.

How do you feel about your looks?
Kirian: Since i got new gear i cant complain bue i want to stick with my coat.
Azrail: Its too simple i need to buy some iron maiden stamps to glue on my shirt.

Do you have any kids? Do you want kids?
Kirian: No kids allowed
Azrail: Yes a son.

What’s one thing you truly hate about your body?
Kirian: I'm perfect
Azrail: Someone cut my wings :@ 

Family, Friends, and Enemies.
Kirian: I had many. Sato, ismail, Akamaru and some others...
Azrail: Keirza is my only friend

Got any nicknames?
Kirian: Indigo
Azrail: Reaper

Do you have a rival?
Kirian: Have no need for rivals i was already born as a superior being
Azrail: Maybe kirian lolol just kidding yes Elyon

Do you like your ancestors?
Kirian: they were proud as majestic.
Azrail: F*ck them all! 

What’s your occupation?
Kirian: Meditation?
Azrail: Slaying souls for my own benefit

What type of person do you hate the most?
Kirian: Everyone can be whatever they want its not my thing to judge 
Azrail: Godlylike people ( no offence kirian ) 
kirian: None taken

What place would make you truly happy if you could live there?
Kirian: Hiterivm...
Azrail: i like Earth.

What day to day occurrence do you hate most?
Kirian: Having to fight and entire alien army its kinda of a big deal
Azrail: Slaying good souls

How do you sleep? Fitful or relaxed? Dreams or nightmares?
Kirian & Azrail: We dont sleep! 
Kirian: We dont need to but as for me when meditating i have visions
Azrail: I get nightmares about the past

What's you religion?
Kirian: My own.
Azrail: Judaism


Do you have a special ability? Elemental power?
Kirian: I can distort time and space and even put a black hole on space ^^ 
Azrail: i use the flames of hell to remove the souls from the dying people

What type of weapon do you use?
Kirian: Sword
Azrail: No weapon needed so far.

Do you have any handicaps?
Kirian: I am still a living being 
Azrail: I'm too good of a person

Do you have a special power that you despise but can’t be rid of?
Kirian: none really
Azrail: these flames that consume people i wonder when my time as a slayer will end.

About the Creator.

Do you like your creator?
Kirian: He shouldn't have killed me and materialize in a girls body! Why so mighty and still die... bah! 
Azrail: I have a cruel past and present and i dont think the future will be any brighter thanks to him 
Both: We despise our creator for tormenting us.

If you could appear in their world, what do you think they would do?
Both: He would hide from us x) 


Ok I Tag You


Well...Paypal FTW

Thu Apr 3, 2014, 3:57 PM
Since Paypal only says on the website that they dont accept top ups using ATM and not on mails.

The 1000points for the contest are totally gone they dont reply my letters neither intend to give the money back.

So it seems contest will be either canceled or shitty! 

Stay tunned for lastest news on Alex's live ^^ 


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